The current version is SG-Lib 4.9.1 (30.08.2020) compiled for 2020a Update5.

The next version is SG-Lib 5.0 (28.02.2021) compiled for 2020a Update6, it also runs on 2020b Update 5!
Unfortunately, the file is too large for Github which limits code files to 25MB. Contact us directly.


The structure of the library is a rough draft to be found in the following document: SG-Lib Structure (PDF)

Download 2020-08-30 SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_List_by_Name_small.pdf
Download 2020-08-30_SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_List_by_Date_small.pdf
Download 2020-08-30_SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_Help_Text_by_Name_small.pdf
Download 2020-08-30_SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_Help_Text_by_Date_small.pdf


All SG-Lib Toolboxes and SG-Lib 4.9 can be downloaded at Matlab Central at GitHub
for educational non-profit purpose and has always a limited license. It is expected that the Toolbox will be continuously extended at least until the year 2035.

How to install the Toolbox on your computer:
1. Make sure that 2019a is used for SG-Lib 4.9 - Matlab 2020a changed a lot in SimScape objects
2. Click on the link below to download the Toolbox file
3. Double click on downloaded file or agree to install as Matlab-Toolbox
4. After installing SG-Lib make sure by setpath that it is at the top position of the path
5. Test Toolbox by command: >> VLFLlicense, PLcircle(10)
6. Download the tutorials to get familiar with the toolbox

Download SG-Lib 4.9.1 (compiled using R2020a, 30.08.2020) => recommended
Download SG-Lib 4.9 (compiled using R2019a, 24.08.2020) - not recommended
Download SG-Lib 4.8 (compiled using R2019a, 06.01.2020)
Download SG-Lib 4.7 (compiled using R2019a, 19.08.2019)
Download SG-Lib 4.6 (compiled using R2019a, 13.06.2019)
Download SG-Lib 4.5 (compiled using R2018a, 24.04.2019)

The following screenshots show examples of automated mechanisms and robot design using the SG-Lib:

Pasted GraphicVideo JACO SGLib47YilunSunForceps20190719MercaderKnee