Tutorials on how to use the SG-Lib

To learn how to use the SG-Lib for creating mechanisms and robots, it is recommended to look into the following tutorial files:

The tutorial files exist also as source code 'VLFL_EXP##.m' in the toolbox folder. They are also exist as compiled version. Therefor, just copy and modify the 'm' files in your working directory.

Tutorial 01: First Steps Using the VLFL-Toolbox for Solid Object Design

Tutorial 02: Using the VLFL-Toolbox for STL-File Export and Import

Tutorial 03: Closed 2D Contours and Boolean Operations in 2D

Tutorial 04: 2½D Design Using Boolean Operators on Closed Polygon Lists (CPL)

Tutorial 05: Creation, Relative Positioning and Merging of Solid Geometries (SG)

Tutorial 06: Relative Positioning and Alignment of Solid Geometries (SG)

Tutorial 07: Rotation of Closed Polygon Lists for Solid Geometry Design

Tutorial 08: Slicing, Closing, Cutting and Separation of Solid Geometries

Tutorial 09: Boolean Operations with Solid Geometries

Tutorial 10: Packaging of Sets of Solid Geometries (SG)

Tutorial 11: Attaching Coordinates Frames to Create Kinematik Models

Tutorial 12: Define Robot Kinematics and Detect Collisions

Tutorial 13: Mounting Faces and Conversion of Blocks into Leightweight-structures

Tutorial 14: Manipulation Functions for Closed Polygons and Laser Cutting (SVG)

Tutorial 15: Create a Solid by 2 Closed Polygons

Tutorial 16: Create Tube-Style Solids by Succeeding Polygons

Tutorial 17: Filling and Bending of Polygons and Solids

Tutorial 18: Analyzing and modifying STL files from CSG modeler (Catia)

Tutorial 19: Creating drawing templates and dimensioning from polygon lines

Tutorial 20: Programmatically Interface to SimMechanics Multi-Body Toolbox

Tutorial 21: Programmatically Convert Joints into Drives (SimMechanics)

Tutorial 22: Adding Simulink Signals to Record Frame Movements

Tutorial 23: Automatic Creation of a Missing Link and 3D Print of a Complete Model

Tutorial 24: Automatic Creation of a Joint Limitations

Tutorial 25: Automatic Creation of Video Titels, Endtitels and Textpages

Tutorial 26: Create Mechanisms using Universal Planar Links

Tutorial 27: Fourbar-Linkage: 2 Pose Syntheses and Linkage Export for 3D Printing

Tutorial 28: Fourbar-Linkage: 3 Pose Syntheses and Linkage Export for 3D Printing

Tutorial 29: Create a multi body simulation using several mass points

Tutorial 30: Creating graphical drawings using point, lines, surfaces, frames etc.

Tutorial 31: Importing 3D Medical DICOM Image Data and converting into 3D Solids

Tutorial 32: Exchanging Data with a FileMaker Database

Tutorial 33: Using a Round-Robin realtime multi-tasking system

Tutorial 34: 2D Projection Images and Camera Coordinate System Reconstruction

Tutorial 35: Creation of Kinematic Chains and Robot Structures

Tutorial 36: Creating a Patient-Individual Arm-Skin Protector-Shell

Tutorial 37: Dimensioning of STL Files and Surface Data

Tutorial 38: Some more solid geometry modelling function

Tutorial 39: HEBO Modules robot design

Tutorial 40: JACO Robot Simulation and Control

Tutorial 41: Inserting Blades, Cuts and Joints into Solid Geometries

Tutorial 42: Performing FEM Stress and Displacement Analysis and Structural Optimization of Solids

Tutorial 43: Performing FEM Structural Optimization (CAO) and Topological Optimization (SKO) of Solids

Tutorial 44: Creation of solids and kinematics from 3D curves and transformation matrices

Tutorial 45: Creation of Solids using the SG-Coder - SGofCPLcommand

Tutorial 46: Creating Fischertechnik compatible gear boxes using SGofCPLcommand

Tutorial 48: Gear Pairings by Yannick Krieger

Tutorial 49: Generation of non circular gear pairs by Yannick Krieger/Sebastian Baumgartner

Tutorial 50: Pose samples and fourbar design

Tutorial 50: CVLof2CPLzcorrelate and SGof2CPLzcorrelate

Tutorial 51: Creating Parallel Tasks for batch processing

Tutorial 52: CPL Buffers and cw/ccw Orientation

Tutorial 53: SKOL - Soft Kill Option for Large Displacement by Yilun Sun

Tutorial 54: Automated Design of Precision Joints by Screws or Ball Bearings

Tutorial 55: Automated Design of Manipulators with Screws or Ball Bearing

Tutorial 56: Checking Functions for Solids

Tutorial 57: Processing Stacks of Slices = CVLz

Tutorial 58: Integrating joints into solids

Tutorial 59: Integrating arbitrary joints into solids

Tutorial 60: Facet generation for arbitrary contours in 3D space

Tutorial 61: FeeTech Servo Toolbox

Tutorial 62: Design of Monolithic Snake-like Manipulators

Tutorial 63: Generation of STL archives through the analysis of assemblies

Tutorial 64: Relative spatial arrangement of CPL contours

Tutorial 65: Solid Geometry Cut and Cross Section Path extrusion

Tutorial 66:

Tutorial 67:

Tutorial 68: Virtual sensing on surface data of geometric bodies

Tutorial 69: Design of a 4Bar Linkage for a Hook Fixation

Tutorial 70: Design of a 4Bar Linkage for a Walking Mechanisms

Tutorial 71: Design of a 4Bar Linkage for a Walking Mechanisms

Tutorial 72: Design of a 4Bar Linkage for a Hook block

Tutorial 79: Design of gear boxes with planar circular gears

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