This WWW page provides since April 2019 students and scientists with the documentation for the Solid Geometry Library, with which bodies, mechanisms and robots can be designed automatically. Some additional data and previous versions can be downloaded from the server of the Institute of Micro Technology and Medical Device Technology (MIMED) of the Technische Universität München:

The library grows with discussions and also by code of other researchers:
Franz Irlinger: Mechanism Design
Yilun Sun: FEM, Shape Optimization, Topology Optimization, Design of structures using SG-Coder (SGofCPLcommand), Language Concept of SG-Coder
Yannick Krieger: Gears and Memory Shape Structures
Simon Schiele: Mechanical Joints
Christian Dietz: Language Concept of SG-Coder (SGofCPLcommand) and NDI VICRA/AURORA Interface
Michael Kruttschnitt: Screws and support of different additive manufacturing devices
Andreas Schroeffer: Slicing, fill structures, and G-Code generation for different additive manufacturing devices
Alexandra Mercader: Colors in STL ond OBJ files

The first function for modeling surfaces of the SG-Lib was "VLFLaddpoint.m", written on 21 Oct. 2010.
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Last Change Oct 2023 for SG-Lib 5.3