Parallel to the SG-Lib, other research groups are also developing Software and Matlab toolboxes, which are important for Mechanisms, Robot Design and Computer Vision:
2019-06-26 SG-Lib Jaco MovePasted Graphic
Animated Gif (part of SG-Lib 4.6) created by:

Kinematic Movement (part of SG-Lib 3.9) created by :
loadweb JACO_robot.mat % load JACO Geometry from TU Munich repository
JACO={JC0,JC1,JC2,JC3,JC4,JC5,JC61,JCF} % create a cell solid consisting of 8 solids
Fchain=SGTframeChain(1:7,[7 'F' 8 'B' 7 'F2' 8 'B' 7 'F3' 8 'B']) % define the kinematic chain
w1=pi/2; % define a arbitrary angle
SGn=SGTchain(JACO,[NaN -w1/3 w1 pi/3 w1 w1 pi/6],'',Fchain); % Move the solids w,r,t to the Frame Structure
SGfigure; SGplotalpha(SGn); view(-30,30);
cla; SGTchainanimation(JACO,[NaN -w1/3 w1 pi/3 w1 w1 pi/6; [NaN -w1/3 w1 pi/3 w1 w1 pi/6] + pi],0,Fchain,50); % Move the solids w,r,t to the Frame Structure

Automated Design using SG-Lib and 3D printed using Arburg Freeformer by Andreas Schroeffer:

Video Andreas Schroeffer Greiffer Matlab-SimulatedVideo Andreas Schroeffer Greiffer 3DPrint-Driven
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