The current version is SG-Lib 4.9.1 (30.08.2020) compiled for 2020a Update5.

The next version is SG-Lib 5.0 (28.02.2021) compiled for 2020a Update6, it also runs on 2020b Update 5 (but there are problems in 2020b Update 4)


The structure of the library is a rough draft to be found in the following document: SG-Lib Structure (PDF)

Download 2020-08-30 SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_List_by_Name_small.pdf
Download 2020-08-30_SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_List_by_Date_small.pdf
Download 2020-08-30_SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_Help_Text_by_Name_small.pdf
Download 2020-08-30_SG-Lib_4.9.1_Reference_Help_Text_by_Date_small.pdf


All SG-Lib Toolboxes and SG-Lib 4.9 can be downloaded at Matlab Central at GitHub
for educational non-profit purpose and has always a limited license. It is expected that the Toolbox will be continuously extended at least until the year 2035.

How to install the Toolbox on your computer:
1. Make sure that 2019a is used for SG-Lib 4.9 - Matlab 2020a changed a lot in SimScape objects
2. Click on the link below to download the Toolbox file
3. Double click on downloaded file or agree to install as Matlab-Toolbox
4. After installing SG-Lib make sure by setpath that it is at the top position of the path
5. Test Toolbox by command: >> VLFLlicense, PLcircle(10)
6. Download the tutorials to get familiar with the toolbox

Download SG-Lib 4.9.1 (compiled using R2020a, 30.08.2020) => recommended
Download SG-Lib 4.9 (compiled using R2019a, 24.08.2020) - not recommended
Download SG-Lib 4.8 (compiled using R2019a, 06.01.2020)
Download SG-Lib 4.7 (compiled using R2019a, 19.08.2019)
Download SG-Lib 4.6 (compiled using R2019a, 13.06.2019)
Download SG-Lib 4.5 (compiled using R2018a, 24.04.2019)

The following screenshots show examples of automated mechanisms and robot design using the SG-Lib:

Pasted GraphicVideo JACO SGLib47YilunSunForceps20190719MercaderKnee